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Frequently Asked Questions

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Will I Have Tech Support?
YES! All customers will have free 24/7 Email Tech Support for one year after unit purchase!

Is this a turn-key business?

Yes, and No.
Some effort is required from you(choosing a host for your website, etc.). The systen shows you how to create your own turn key business. Making the process alot faster, and easier compared to other at-home business systems. Plus you will profit more, faster!


As with any software, we are unable to issue refunds. Broken, or damaged units will be replaced, at no cost to you for shipping return!

How do you ship orders & when do they ship?

Shipping is handled by FedEx, there are no shipping fees to the customer, shipping is free. Orders are shipped with insurance, and most orders ship same-day, if not, units will ship the following business day. Customers will recieve a tracking number of the package via Email.

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